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The Cat Nightlight is practical, wonderful and beautiful!  

A fully flexible body : Our  night light will provide pleasant flexibility for your toddler.

He can distract himself with the help of his flexible body, unlike other rigid night lights. 

No need for batteries : As a bonus of being cordless, our night light does not need batteries to light up. 

You have a charger supplied with the night light. 

Enough to save money and above all take a step that is good for the planet. 

Simple to use : Tired of constantly searching for the button in the night in order to turn on your portable night light? 

It’s ancient history, with the Nightlight Cat the slightest pressure on any surface of the nightlight is enough to control its brightness. This is a little extra for little ones who have difficulty knowing how to control their night light. 

Suitable for children : The implanted LED has been designed not to heat up during use in order to be able to use it with complete peace of mind.

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